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It was delighted to stay here to discover the way of life. Beautiful landscape, beautiful welcome of all the family. Thank you so much ! Catherine( France) 30/07/2012

Marion Valle / Edouard Valle

Dhanyabat ra pheri vetaula ! Happy to have learn and to have share some time. Marion VALLE / Edouard VALLE(France) 06/12/2012

Mireille Et Serguei

A wonderful and warm welcome in every house hold we visited. A fascinating journey into the Magar culture ! We feel very privileged to have experience such precious moments usually off-limits for foreigners. Thank you for sharing and giving so much. (France/Russie) 02/01/2013


Such a beautiful experience in your village! I always keep in my mind and heart how nice is been everyone with us. Hoping to come back sometime and meet everyone happy and healthy. It means a lot for us to have share this days with you ! Dhanyabad, SoFiA(France) 09/03/2013

Francois O’keeffe

The essence of humanity remains in every corner of this village. The beautiful smiles of its inhabitants are the windows of their generosity and amazing sympathy. All this will stay forever in our minds and in our soul. Many Thanks for everything ! Dhanyabad , Francois O’KEEFFE 09/03/2013

Annika And Cris

Thanks for these especial experience. We got in love with village. We gona keep these experience for always inside in our heart. Annika and CRis (France) 09/03/2013

Daniel And Isabelle

Thanks a lot for this stay in this beautiful village. We are sad to leave ….. Thanks to all the people we have seen for their smiles and kindness. All the best, with love. Thanks for all good memories ! DANiEL AND ISABELLE (France) 24/04/2013


An unforgettable stay in this fantastic village such a great chance and lesson of life to leave this opportunity to spent a little time with all of you. For sure we will keep a strong feeling about this experience such our two little kids, Justin(1year), and Célian (4year). Take care of all of you, we will keep all of you in our mind and heart. Merci Beaucoup ! Fabrice, Gaelle,Justin and Célian Amazing 16 days stay. Pretty hard to describe in a few words such a wonderful experience. It has been a journey I will never forget. I have been lucky to spend with all of you. It’s quite difficult to leave, it means how unforgettable it was….See you soon in Kamalabari , Namaste Pierre (France) 20/08/2013


After all this time in Kamalabari, its really difficult to say goodbye to everyone to the villagers. It was an amazing experience, a personal adventure and opportunity that we had to share something with the students was wonderful. I feel glad fro everything they learned and really proud of their progress. I will keep you in my thoughts. If one of you come to France one day, you are all welcome ! See you may be one day in the village. Coreitin (France) 20/08/2013


It has been so nice to finally discover this amazing village Samuel told me so much about ! I feel extremely lucky to have got this experience, to have met so many wonderful people, to have shared precious moments with a lot of them. I will never forgot these 2 weeks in Kamalabari. Very special thank you to all the children. They amazed me by their energy and their will to learn. I will miss them. It is hard to say good bye but hopefully I will come back. Héléne(France) 21/08/2013


That was a beautiful experience to stay in your village for those days. This place is really peaceful and we felt so well welcome ! That was a pleasure to share a small moment with each one of you. Thanks to the children for all the happiness that they shared with us. It is a real lesson of life. We wish you all the best. Pauline ( France) 29/10/2013


All the village enjoy this actions, children with library and computer training that important nowadays. Hope I will come back with people to share this great experience ! Johanne( France) 29/11/2013

Mandy Warwick

The area is beautiful. The views of Ganesh Himal spectacular. In my year staying in Dhading Besi, I m sure I will be visiting and staying here many times. Mandy Warwick (UK) 23/12/2013

Simons’s Family

It’s was a nice holiday in the village like at home. Simons’s family ( France) 05/03/2014

Barbara And John Church

It has been a wonderful experience to be welcomed by such an industrious and friendly villagers. Barbara and John Church (USA) 03/11/2014


Thank you very much for hospitality. It was a wonderful experience. I hope see you soon. Charlotte (France) 03/11/2014

Cedric Jeanson

I got the challenges and needs of the community. I felt a very special and positive energy with everyone of this village. Cedric Jeanson ( France) 02/11/2014

Sarovar College







  We were here for volunteering in course of our studying. During this volunteering period we got a lot experience. We wished to give big thanks to all the villagers who helped us during our stay in this village. Sangita Khawash, Bidhya Sedai,Manita Baskota, Laxmi Sunuwar and others- Sarovar College Family( Nepal)

Latisha Maharjan

A meaningful trip to dhading, salang

The students of sarovar college,  kalanki along with the teachers participated in the rural camp to Dhading district, salang VDC with the objective to observe the status of the local people living there and how they are       managing themselves for their survival. Not limited to this, the students as well as the teacher participated to help and support in the school building construction works, maintaining the available water resources by cleaning as well as setting the taps with it so that the local people can utilize the water resources for their sustainable use . the students themselves being the student of the social work, supported the rural camp without any hesitation by providing the necessary educational materials for the school and the Montessori there. The students got a chance to meet the people from various communities especially the people from the thapa magar community the most and got the information about their way of living and occupation . The rural camp provided the students an opportunity to experience many new things of a village life that were full of learning and fun. Most importantly, the students were able to see the developing progress of that place as the infrastructures like health, education sanitation, electricity etc are being developed gradually.


It was a wonderful chance that brought me up here. All the people here kamalabari allowed me a view into their culture. I advise you all do more coordination to have a collection effort to develop the education, agriculture, medical support and many other things by all the people involvement . It is a beautiful people with beautiful and I with them all its best for their future. Jan(swiss) 2015-31- july

Aavash Karki

A Jaunt to Salang Last December 2014, we the students of Sarovar College went to Salang VDC at Dhading. There we had great time in performing various social activities and launching short surveys in order to study the culture. We contributed digging a foundation for building school and also performed other activities such as, painting walls, cleaning the surrounding and donating few stationary materials to the local school. We also hope that the local people are encouraged to some extent to perform similar activities in near future for the sustainable development of the village. Thanks to the Social Voyage Team who facilitated for our lodging and fooding till our stay there.

Johanna Inkinen

My experience in Nepal is working with a friend for two months prior the 25/4/2015 earthquake as a English teacher at Rajgare Secondary School in Gaikhur village in Gorkha. We stayed with a beautiful older couple and our weekly schedule was to work 5-6 days 6 hours a day at the school. The rest of the time we spent with the people in the village or sometimes went for trips to near by cities. The experience was evaluable for me as I now study International Education and Development on a postgraduate level. We got a firsthand experience of the reality and challenges of the school life in this particular village school in Nepal. Although I had experience in teaching before I learnt a lot during this time, as the conditions and culture were so different to what I am used to. It was an unforgettable experience for me to get used to the life style of the village and to spend with the local people; to join in to the everyday duties at the village from working in the field to taking care of the animals of the family. We made some friends in the community and I am looking forward to going back to Nepal at somepoint and to meet these people again. If you are interested in volunteering and/or getting involved fundraising for a healthpost in the village please do not hesitate to contact Social Voyage-Nepal and find out more what you can do to help. It will be greatly appreciated! Best wishes Johanna (Finland)

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Volunteer Reviews

It was delighted to stay here to discover the way...


Dhanyabat ra pheri vetaula ! Happy to have learn and...

~Marion Valle / Edouard Valle

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